This site was updated on February 1, 2020

                    We are a small breeder located in Lincoln County                              Montana outside the small town of Libby.   We breed                             our Australian Cattle Dogs  for outstanding 
           temperaments, breed integrity, herding abilities,                                     intelligence, conformation and beauty.  Our dogs 
           receive the best care, affection and socialization from
           day 1 with us. 

                  We always strive to be sure that potential owners 
          have experience with our breed or any of the herding                            breeds.   This way we feel that the potential puppy 
          owner is aware of the demands of bring up a rambunctious              and challenging puppy.   An Australian Cattle Dog is 
         not for everyone!  They are a loyal, driven, protective 
         and sometimes a stubborn breed.  For us, they are perfect!

                 All  our puppies leave our home and go to yours
          with age appropriate vaccinations done,  a health 
          record,  PRA-prcd  A or B,  PLL  and Rcd4 Clear,  dew    
          claws removed,  tails are long (unless asked),  wormings 
          done at ages 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old,  a small bag of                                Diamond Puppy Food (enough to mix for 2-3 days 
          with the puppy food of your choice),  and are socialized    
             with other dogs.  
                To contact us please use our  "Contact Us" page .  


Australian Cattle Dogs are NOT for everyone!

  That being said, this explains them well:

     If you don't want to deal with:

1.  Vigorous exercise requirements,

2. Destructiveness when bored or not exercised 


3.  Suspiciousness toward strangers,

4.  Aggression toward other animals,

5.  Strong-willed mind of his own; requiring a 

confident owner who can take charge,

6.  Chasing and nipping at things that move: 

 children, joggers, other animals, bikers and cars,

7.  Potential for excessive barking, often in a high 

pitched voice,

8.  Heavy shedding

An Australian Cattle Dog might not be right for you!!!!!