RnB Cattle Dogs

Devoted to upholding the integrity of the Australian Cattle Dog 
                   aka Blue Heeler or Red Heeler


I am not a dog.  I am a Heeler. I am half wolverine, half barb wire and all attitude.  I am either your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on YOUR attitude.  I can herd the wildest cows or the gentlest sheep with equal determination.  I can work all day in snow storms, pouring rain or blistering heat and then ask you to throw the ball when we get done.  I will argue with you at every turn.  After all, I know what I'm doing and the best way to getter done.  I am easy to feed.  I will eat your steak or the dead, rotten gopher I found in the field.  You will never be without a navigator in the truck.  I will protect you from burglars, grizzly bears, badgers, that mean bull, and that strange shadow in the corner of the barn.  I will hog the bed and the couch.  I will steal your sandwich, your chair, your boot and your heart.  You will never have to go to the bathroom alone.  I will lick your face right after I eat fresh cow shit.  I will sleep next to you when you are sick and heal you with my love.  I am Heeler.  Respect me.  Love me.  But NEVER underestimate me.

Author Unknown

     McCullagh's Don Quixote 

                AKC                             ASDR              

           DM Clear               PRA-prcd  Clear                       DCM  Clear            CSNU Clear       

      RCD4 Clear               PLL Clear                                             BAER Normal                                       Height - 18 inches        Weight - 58 lbs


     Windwalker Blue Woolah

             AKC                    ASDR 

   PRA-prcd  Clear         DM Clear 

       PLL Clear                   RCD4 Clear       

            DCM Clear         CSNU Clear

                     BAER Normal                

Height - 17 inches         Weight - 46 lb

    Antoinette Rose 

               ASDR                          CKC 

       PLL Clear                           RCD4 Clear

            PRA-prcd   Carrier/Not Affected

      Height - 16.5 inches             Weight - 42 lbs    


                                        So you think you want a Cattle Dog (or any herding breed!)?!

So you think you want a Cattle Dog? Do you want to help teach/train them not to herd everything that moves?

   Because they will try that first and ask questions later. 

They do not come knowing that the cat, kid, lawn mower, vacuum, chickens, cows are not to be herded/chased at every             opportunity. 

Do you want to redirect nipping and mouthing? 

  Because it's constantly attempted for the first few months. 

Do you want to walk a dog for miles in rain/snow/high wind? 

  Because they are nonstop regardless of weather. 

Do you want to dedicate time to obedience training, brain games, and then more time to train a dog sport you both enjoy? 

  Because they need manners, and a job where they can use their brain. 

  They can’t just be turned loose to “run” because they will still be bored and look for something to entertain themselves. 

Do you want a dog that is smarter than you and will try and prove it every chance they get?

If the answer to any of these questions is "no,” then don't get a Cattle Dog. 

This isn't just another adorable puppy/dog. 

This is a driven, working breed that requires maximum effort, time, and patience. 

He/she will make you pull your hair out for at least two years. 

You'll cuss and cry and eventually accept you'll never go to the bathroom alone again. 

But....if you're dedicated and can answer "yes" to ALL of the first questions, 

plus have the patience of a saint, 

and you have done a lot of research and met a number of different dogs and talked to their owners about the good and the bad, 

then I wanna ask you....Do you want the most loyal and loving friend you'll ever have? 

Then get a Cattle Dog.

-Julie Manning