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Martin is Thrilled! He is so healthy and happy, and him and his brother are like yin and yang and LOVE each other so much. He is definitely a more alpha personality and such a chubby clown...

Ryan of course isn't at all attached to him ;-):)

They only have rituals and spend crazy amounts of times together. :-):D



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He has become a wonderful little boy to our household. Thank you.


Banjo is the BEST!!

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Hi Bonnie,


I just wanted to let you know that Banjo is doing so well. He loves our daughters and Matilda (our older puppy) is his best friend as well. He even gets along with the cat!!


He loves water and since it is hot we gave him his own kiddy pool to play in when he goes outside. He LOVES it. I will try to send more pictures, he always starts running once I snap them though lol!!


Thank you again!!




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Our little Bailey �� she has become such a joy to our life!!

We love her so much! Thank you so much for her!!


She is so amazing and very smart!


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Hi Bonnie!

Lula is such a good puppy! We adore her! Her markings are beautiful!

She has "sit" down! We are working on "stay"! She really is great.

My father in law is a retired veterinarian here ...and his words are " you got a good one"! ��

Just wanted to send you an updated pic.

Will send more soon!

�� Mary Kathryn


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She is 1yr 6 months now.   She is a wonderful girl.

She has a great personality and fun to be with. She loves people,

but not all dogs but it's just like us we don't get along with everyone.



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. We have had a number of great dogs and loved them all, but when it comes to temperament and personality Roscoe takes the Cake. He loves everybody from babies and small kids to adults. You have done a fabulous job as a breeder. If you ever need testimonials feel free to have people contact us. Checked out your site and saw him❤️❤️❤️. Hope all is well with you and Robert. Love the pictures of the dogs and the beautiful state you live in. Diane


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I have to tell you Happy Growls when she is Happy, just rub her ears and she sounds like she is going to Bite!


She will not and she will not Fight but she is not like any other dog I have ever had.


When Che drags the Lawn Mower to the back she Helps by Healing Nipping the back wheels just to Help!


She is a Wonderful Dog




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He is finally getting the potty training down,

or starting too. My oldest adores him and I started seeing

a guy with a 7 year old daughter that loves him too.

He plays great with my other dogs and is fitting with us great,

so glad I was able to get him.

Thanks again for everything, he is loved and spoiled here lol!


Happiness !

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Hey there! It's been almost 5 months since Annie had her litter, so I wanted to send you some photos of our pup Reba (AF1). She is full of personality and happiness, and never stops making us laugh! We are so thankful to have her!! She is hilarious and is a great addition to our family. We also get a LOT of compliments about how beautiful she is so I wanted to pass that along �� !